Silver Jeweled Butterfly Pendant

925 Sterling Silver Jeweled Butterfly PendantButterflies, delicate, charming and colorful have always been an inspiration for jewelry designers. Butterflies are the commonest nature inspired jewelry motifs after flowers. Their delicate shape and colorful appearance can inspire any artist to create a masterpiece. Butterfly motif is greatly popular among jewelry lovers because it adds a subtly to the entire ensemble one is wearing. You could go over the top with a butterfly. By wearing a butterfly jewelry item you will get in touch with your inner beauty and freedom.

This beautiful butterfly has been masterfully crafted from 925 sterling silver which is the most befitting metal for a butterfly; charming and subtle like the butterfly itself. Crafted to perfection from by the creator this Silver Jeweled Butterfly Pendant will enhance the beauty of the wearer thousand times. The soft and elegant beauty of the butterfly has been accentuated with high quality CZs which are white in color. The CZs will sparkle and radiate warmth to captivate the hearts of many. Wear this dazzling butterfly with a long silver chain and let it do all the talking. The moment you enter the party, you will realize how special this butterfly is.

Butterflies with their wings and freedom of movement bring comfort to a creative soul and provides movement to artistic creations. The most noteworthy part of the butterfly theme is that it has stood the test of time. Butterfly has inspired art in man since the ancient Egyptian period when they expressed their ideas and imaginations through hieroglyphs. Singer, songwriter Mariah Carey has a wonderful 18kt white gold and diamond butterfly ring on her slender fingers declaring her love for this beautiful creation of nature.

Butterfly is a symbol of transformation because it metamorphoses from an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful and colorful butterfly. It also embodies the beauty of color, shape, pattern and symmetry. A butterfly also signifies spring time which is the most beautiful among all seasons. A butterfly always brings a smile on one’s face and hence people love wearing it. A butterfly also denotes happiness. Two butterflies flying together in Chinese culture denotes love. Some cultures also believe that butterfly brings in luck especially when it lands on your shoulder. In some myths butterfly is symbolic of female fertility. Butterfly is such a creature which signifies happiness, weddings, life, joy and celebrations and hence is one of the most enduring motifs in jewelry design.

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