Silver Ear Rings-There are Many Types

Silver earrings have been a favorite fashion accessory of men and women from time immemorial. It looks elegant and is also cheaper than gold or platinum so people can afford it. Silver is an adaptable metal and earrings made from this metal is popular across countries, cultures and of course trendy people of all ages. This is another advantage of silver; anything made of silver has a subtle charm to it which makes it ideal for people who have well past their young age industrial piercings. The earrings made from silver are also durable and these do not easily tarnish industrial jewellery. So, once you buy them you can go on using them without thinking of investing money to plate it. Now, we are going to discuss about some types of silver earrings.
Silver Dangle Earrings
Dangles or danglers are extremely popular among women of all ages, complexion, height and physic. As significant from the name, danglers generally dangle from the earlobes. Some danglers are short while some often reach the shoulders, even necklines of women. Danglers are extremely unique in their make and appeal. They render a certain feminine charm which other shapes are unable to provide. Silver dangling earrings go very well with ethnic attires. These are generally worn during weddings and also in parties especially with ethnic themes. Some of the famous shapes include flowers, leaves, drops, hearts and chandeliers.
Silver Stud Earrings
Just the opposite in functionality to the danglers, the stud earrings stick to the helix/tragus/earlobes of the ear. These appear in small sizes and are quite cute to look at piercing industrial. Often these look like tiny shining starts on the wearer. This is one type of silver earring which is equally popular in men and women. Initially it was worn by women only, but now even men are comfortable wearing a small silver stud. A stud is generally worn on the helix or tragus by women so that the earlobes can be used for other types of earrings. Studs are available with ball and barbell and in various shapes. Some of the best ones can be seen on
Silver Hoop Earrings
True to the name hoops are basically rings, big ones worn through the earlobes. Hoops have come down from ancient times and have been a part of the jewelry box of the affluent women. Now it can be spotted on the ears of women in general. Some of the types include large, small, gypsy, looped, twisted and many more.
All sorts of silver earrings can have precious gemstones adorning them making them appear even more beautiful.

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