Silicone Jewelry

Silicone the term is surely a bit confusing as all you can remember is its use in cosmetic surgery. Fret not for the humble synthetic material has many more uses, not the least in the form of jewelry. But why should such a material be fancied in the first place? Well, they are quite resistant to chemicals in the first place. That should let you heave a sigh of relief because you certainly don’t have the time to mollycoddle your earring or necklaces while roughing it out. skull belly button You want to look attractive at the same time too. What can be better than Silicone  belly ring jewelry then that does not develop any blemishes whether it is as hot as hell or you are traveling in freezing conditions.

Why Should You Opt For Silicone jewelry?
They are hot and trendy especially if you happen to be a cool 20 something with a penchant for looking ‘different.’

  • Chunky Silicone neckpieces or ear studs cone studs are eye catching and warrant plenty of positive attention.
  • Beautiful pre-pigmented silicon 925 toe artifacts can help you to show off your new dress admirably.
  • You are free to wash it in case it gets too dirty.
  • It is light to touch, soft in feel, and comfortable enough for constant use.
  • It is immensely affordable.

How To Make Your Own Silicone Jewelry
Using a ready-made resin mould for brushing or pouring silicone in is the most popular method of fashioning your own range of silicone jewelry.

There is no dearth of varieties when it comes to silicone. From simple earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, the flexible material is used for singularly complex jewelry pieces too. Some of the not so common types include:-

  • Unisex Ear Expander
  • Colorful Teething necklace silicone necklace
  • Engraved prayer bracelets
  • Tongue ring
  • Jeweled silicone watch
  • Silicone charms
  • Billy rings
  • Glow in the dark hairpins
  • Cigarette bags
  • Silicone balls

Silicone And Gold
One of the most precious metals that has remained popular throughout time immemorial is gold. However, it is difficult to buy ornaments made with it because of its value. Expensive solid gold pieces are out of reach for the ordinary people now, which have made jewelers come out with silicone filled gold pieces that come at a fraction of its usual value. The ornament has the same luster and brilliance of gold though and provides a good bargain.

Check out the entire range of silicone jewelry at and take home the ones you fancy.

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