Different Types of Silicone Ear Plugs and Expanders

UV silicone ear plugsSilicone ear plugs are manufactured from silicone high-grade material with no effects on human skin and cause no allergies. They also compose of materials like UV which makes the plugs glow in the dark. They are highly unique with simple designs and applies for either men or women. Silicone ear plugs jewelry love by followers of rock culture and gothic styling.

There are different silicone plugs sizes available and custom made shapes like stars, gecko, and even grand stones are also embedded in them to make it more appealing. They are extremely in demand and are cheap and can withstand daily wear and tear.

Types of Ear Plugs Jewelry

These internally threaded flesh tunnel plugs are mesmerizing swirl designing’s marked on them. They are composed of surgical steel which is clean and medically approved. They are durable and can withstand high intensity and have great style and designs with sizes ranging from 3mm to 12mm.

Threads internally with tunnel plugs with swirling designs have a hypnotic effect on viewers and they are compact and wearable all day and carried during travels with ease. They form affordable gifts for dear and loved ones.

These ear gauges are perfect for ear stretching. These Double flared Ear Plugs are available in a wide variety of sizes. Light up any room with these ear plugs made from glow-in-the-dark UV reflective material, illustrated with cool eye swirls. Get in touch with your funky side with these graphic earplugs.

Thirteen different sizes are available. Sizes increase at increments of 2 mm for the most comfort. Choose the one that’s perfect for your current needs. While you’re at it, you might want to get the larger sizes too!

Piercebody has just the right embellishment for you in the form of UV ear plugs, UV plugs tunnels and expanders. The glitzy LED light reflecting surface makes it worth your while to sport them. Funky shapes in spirals, hoops, and saddles in cool colors and unique patterns are sure to give a boost to your popularity.

Advantage of Choosing a Silicone Ear Plugs

transparent uv silicone ear plugsOpt for the ones made of silicone. Also, make the most of the safety factor for silicone jewelry while it bounds to keep your skin free of irritations. You can insert them easily enough and remove them at your convenience with no worries. Don’t you think that the safe and easy to wear ear plugs must be dull to look at! On the contrary, the bright colors of the collection are sure to have you all excited and clamoring for more.

You can actually stretch your piercing as much as possible without any harm this time. The implant grade silicone takes care of your skin just like a mother and provides a soothing effect no matter how big your funky ear plug is. Go for the standard shapes embossed on your ear plugs or opt for the bizarre shapes like a red gecko or a triangle shaped one. Remember to try out the shimmering color changing silicone ear plugs.

Piercebody.com offers unlimited amount and varieties of silicone ear plugs consequently. It enhances every user’s personality. You can choose from different types and sizes at an affordable price! Allow yourself to captivate your sweetheart by sporting a wonderful pair of silicone earplugs this time.

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