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If you are one of those boutique owners or retail owners who have a host of fashion conscious customers visiting your store, you must get some our uniquely crafted ear plugs and tunnels made out of materials that you probably wouldn’t imagine. This unique collection of ours is made out of the most natural and organic stuff that are sure to take the ecological buyer by a sweep organic plugs. Affordable and trendy, this exquisite range of jewels for your ears are just the ones that you would want to flaunt as your treasured possessions.
Types of Ear plugs
We have a plethora of varied ear plugs, tunnels and studs made from the most nature friendly materials, which you can choose from. Starting from the delicately designed pristine white bone Ear plug with a dash of Black, that instantly creates a magic to your style, we also have bolder versions. For those of you who do not feel the urge to cover up their bold and whacky spirits, the Horn Fake Ear plug with varied designs is just the ones for you. It has been crafted with such precision that you dare not miss the Herculean feel about them! The designs are unique and so elegant that they can be literally worn anytime and anywhere. The Strip Iron Wood ear plug or the Black Rose Wood ear plugs are sure to take you by your feet. If you are one of those who get bored by monochromes, why not try the colorful Natural Wood carved ear plugs? Available in a wide variety of designs, you can choose an American Flag Wood ear plug or even a Pink Swirl ear plug made out of fake Horn or even the Laser cut Skull embossed Wood ear plug.

Why are they unique
This range is unique not only for the material that makes them but also for their quality. The indelible mark that the designers leave behind literally transforms these miniscule jewels into pieces of art. Whether it is a riot of colors created through the Swirl shaped ear plugs, or the smart mix of monochromes in Fake Bone Hollow Star shaped ear plugs or White and Black Swirl ear plugs, every design speaks something. While the splash of colors create a dramatic feel, the straight and stark use of single colors are for the more staid and subtle personas.

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