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Bangkok, the city which never sleeps! The charming capital city of Thailand is a dream come true destination for every of the
foreigners visiting this beautiful city! ross nose rings

Markets around Bangkok offer fascinating shopping experiences. Bangkok markets are buzzing and bursting with bargains. No matter it’s a weekend market – Chatuchak market, ratchaprasong shopping – which is the heart of
Bangkok or sight seeing in Bangkok eyebrow cross. The beautiful part of
shopping in Bangkok is dolphin ear pin
majority of the departmental stores opens until at least 21:00 and some even as
late as 22:00.

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The capital city has all sorts of places to blow your money! You can start from the beautiful antiques to the jewelry trader
centers. Shopaholic’s paradise! round belly rings The legendary Mah Boon Krong (MBK). Khaosan- The gateway of backpackers!

However, online store “” brings the shopping in Bangkok 2012 for body jewelry store at our homeland in

– What & Where to buy? – For body jewelry

There are more than 6,000 over wholesale jewelry stores in Bangkok and very rare of retail shop. In these retail shops – they
either give an option of a price hike or when purchasing retail jewelries have to purchase an item of 5 pieces. We don’t do that. We do sell in a single piece.antique piercing

Therefore, the wisest option is to walk up to the store of Kamar Piercing Co.,Ltd located in Chareon Krung. It is the heart of
Bangkok and known as the jewelry hub.glow in the dark

Since 1998, Kamar Piercing Co.,Ltd has made its mark in Thailand. Although, it has made its premiere in Chareon Krung, its other branch out is at Khaosan.

Our store offers, the finest jewelry. This treasure trove is just a 10 minutes walk from the BTS station of Saphan Taksin. It also has a convenient parking or is easily accessible by taxi and public transport.

The jewelry store carries its collection of avant – grande jewelry, extraordinary crystal collection. We are one stop service manufacturer for all type of jewelry. We supply all kind of gold [9k,14k,18k], 925 sterling silver with designed products of CZ and crystals. We specialize at producing a wide range of fashion accessories have an experience for 12 years and maintain a good
relationship among our suppliers.

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We offer high quality designs ranging from eyebrow rings to toe rings. The significant part is our designs and styles are all in superior quality but at a very low cost. Our extensive body jewelry collections includes nose rings, earplugs, circular barbells, shields, labrets labret with crystal, belly button ring, tongue barbells, eyebrow rings, dermal piercing and much more. We also provide a selection of body jewelry with displays. All manufactured with top-of-the-line materials. Our unique selection of sterling silver and surgical steel body jewelry are the best ever.


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Elegant look with craftsmanship silver jewelry made from Thai. Kamar Piercing Co., Ltd’s reputation, quality and reliability as
Thailand’s silver jewelry exporter is amongst the country forefront. “One-of-a-kind” is not the best word to describe us because we
believe in “Always ahead” which is the mission statement of the company.

Shop with us now in the busiest street of Bangkok! In order, to make great buys in an exotic range.

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