Septum Piercing Rings

The septum ring is worn in the septum which is the area that separates the right nostril from the left one. The septum is made of cartilage tissue but the piercing is actually not done on the cartilage 1/2 only. It is actually done in the sweet spot which is a gap that is found in the septum circular barbell


14K Gold Circular Barbell with Touch Ball         316L Steel Circular Barbell with Cone      

Septum ring jewelry
has been there in the society since the ancient times when it was more of a tradition than fashion. In today’s modern times however septum rings have become jewelry for self-expression clip on belly chain. After the popularity of earlobes piercing come the nose piercing and the septum piercing with septum rings 6mm circular. The septum piercing has gained so much popularity as a fashion statement because of the nose’s prominence in the human face. gold toe ring


        Circular Barbells with cone and ball        Flexi CBB with UV Dice

Two famous types of septum ring jewelry are captive bead ring and circular barbell. It depends on the person who wants to go for the septum ring jewelry what septum rings he/she should go for. The captive septum rings are very stylish and have a bead incorporated in the center of the ring Cones 6mm  . Barbells are particularly a good option for piercings that are in the healing stage.2 gauge nose ring


Flexi CBB with Steel Fancy       Flexi CBB with Cone      Blackline circular barbell with Jeweled cones

In many workplaces wearing septum rings is considered highly unprofessional and reflects an attitude that is not acceptable in the workplace. So to hide the piercing one can easily find septum retainers.solid hoop
Septum retainers
are available in different sizes just as the nose rings so one has to be careful while buying them and one should always go for the proper size of septum retainer.14k lip rings

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