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Septum piercing has been a favorite with women since the ancient times uv rings. It enhances the femininity of a woman’s face. Septum piercing is nothing but the piercing that goes through the septum that divides the left nostril from the right nostril tragus circular. It is also popularly known as bull nose piercing or a horseshoe piercing.circular barbells horseshoe

 Assorted Color UV Circular Barbell With Ball Piercing jewelry         Surgical steel Anodized BCR ring        Circular Barbells with cone and ball

Not just with the women but these days even men are going for septum jewelry. There are many types of septum piercing jewelry like wood septum jewelryseptum nose rings and Horseshoe rings. There are different sizes available as well starting from septum jewelry 14g to the zero gauge ones 14g nose rings. The 14g ones are the ones with the smallest gauge and the zero gauges is the largest gauge jewelry ring tragus. It is usually advisable to go for the smaller gauges when one is going for septum piercing jewelry for the first time. lip horseshoes

After one gets used to the thinner gauges septum jewelry one can go for the much broader ones so as to wear heavier septum nose rings. The most popular of the septum jewelry are the captive bead rings and the circular barbells.00 gauge circular barbells


Flexi CBB with Dice       316 Sugical steel EyeBrow CBB


Septum piercing jewelry is largely a casual and stylish jewelry item dice display. It is considered inappropriate to sport a septum piercing in nose rings horse formal official occasions and is an absolutely banned accessory in corporate offices. But that certainly does not indicate that a person who wants to pierce his septum 1/2 belly barbells cannot do it because he has office to attend.316 Sugical steel Eye Brow Twisted Barbell

The solution to this problem lies with the septum piercing retainer. With the help of the piercing retainer one can hide the piercing easily and attend meetings and official functions. Like the septum nose rings come with different sizes so also the retainers. One should choose a retainer that has a gauge equal to the piercing else it will look out of place and certainly make your face not very presentable.

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