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Segment rings are great jewelry pieces. They don’t just look great but are cleverly built to give you a great feel.

These segmented rings do not use clip-in balls and instead make use of a curved section.

The segmented rings are ideal for piercings in the lips, ear and navel. They render a very chic and modern look to the wearer.


SS Blackline Black Segment Rings       Gold Anodized Segment Rings        Red UV Segment rings


Segmented rings body jewelry are completely smooth and one can take them 360 degrees through the piercing without making the piercing feeling sore or uncomfortable. Because of their smoothness segments rings are extremely easy to be cleaned.

They also have a less likely chance to get snagged in the clothing and hair.

Segment rings are also known to reduce the healing time black balls anodized of the piercing and this makes them an ideal piercing jewelry for the facial piercings.

D Segment Rings  G23 Grade Anodised Titanium Segment Rings  Blue UV Segment rings

The opening of the segments of the segment rings can be quite a difficult task especially when one is opening the segment with his/her hands. The segment rings are mostly made in such a manner that the segment holds on to the ring very tightly so that any unintentional opening of the ring can be avoided.

And so it is advisable for the wearer of segmented rings to use a pair of ring opening pliers while opening the ring. This makes it easy to open the smooth segment ring.

In order to properly close the ring one can use the same ring opening pliers and open the ring a little and then easily replace the segment part of the ring. But in case the ring is a little more open than expected then it is recommended that one uses a pair of ring closing pliers so that the ring is nicely closed.

The segment rings are available in various colors and sizes and also they can be made of any material TITANIUM SEGMENT RING.

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