Segment Rings for Every Piercing

Segment rings are also known as seamless rings and are a popular variety of body jewelry. It looks like a slid hoop inserted through the pierced portion of your body. A segment ring can be worn for any type of piercing but more so in areas where you would otherwise wear a regular captive bead ring. While a captive bead ring is fitted with a ball for closure, a segment ring utilizes the smooth part of the ring itself for the same. Segment rings that are more than 14 gauge thicker cannot be worn by an individual on his/her own and therefore calls for a visit to the piercer to put it through. They are more experienced at doing this and also have the necessary tools to do the job. However, rings that are of 14 gauge in thickness or even lesser than that can be easily inserted into its position by the wearer. If you are doing it yourself, do not use the standard pliers for the same. You should always use ring pliers to wear or takeout the rings.

Why Choose Segment Rings?
A segment ring can serve as a great substitute for captive bead rings. In case, you desire a more clean and seamless look, then a segment ring can give you just that. In place of the standard ball that fits the gap in such rings, you have a piece of ring pops up in order to facilitate the insertion of the jewelry. Once the ring has gone through, all you need to do is put the removable piece back in its original position to make it appear as a ring. Segment rings can be ideal for different types of piercings as they look great as lip rings, nose rings and nipple rings and others.

Where to buy them from?
When it comes to purchasing segment rings, there are a host of options available online. You can choose among them and even buy multiple rings at a time to suit every outfit and occasion. The stainless steel variety looks really sleek and polished. It’s a good variation from the standard closed bead rings and really look very smart on the wearer.  However, it is necessary that you purchase the ring from a reputable and credible place so that the material is good and the shine does not worn off the surface in no time. Select the one that you like and team it up with your outfit and mood.

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