Segment Ring Jewelry Types that Gives You a Dapper Look

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Segment ring jewelry is the next level body piercing aids. There are circular barbells that attached with small segments. They come in anodized gold, silver, and steel. This is available to be apply to the lips, ears, eyebrows, navel and unique nose rings.

Segment rings have a long shelf life. All these features make them a catch among women buyers who go crazy and flaunt them with style and elegance on all parties and occasions.

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Why Do You Need Segment Ring Jewelry?

Segment rings are mainly applied in piercing various body parts like lips, ears, eyebrows and abdomen. These rings are anodized meaning anti-oxidants and they are hygienic for wear and tear hence they are anodized segment surgical steel rings. They attract everyone’s eyes in a crowd when worn. They come in gold and other colors and are very cheap and unique.

Segment rings are loved by women and with growing fans among men. D-segment rings are also turning heads with its unique design. They are cheap and user-friendly and can be worn on all occasions and from loving gifts for dear ones. The different stones and anodized eyebrow jewelry materials also embedded in them to make it visually appealing. They come in different sizes and shapes with 14 and 16 gauges.


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Surgical Steel Segment Rings

Segment steel rings have become popular among the younger generation who are more expressive when it comes to fashion and glamor. These lip rings for cheap rings suit their persona and are must have body accessories for parties and events. They are eye-catching and make a wild statement when worn among people.

They are made with grade one medically approved surgical steel jewelry which has no harm to the skin and is highly intense and they are anodized with gold, titanium and other ferrous metals so the outer layer becomes thick and smooth and is rust free and has no corrosion in the long run.

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