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Jewelry as Screw plugs for all jewelry lovers

Looking out for ears stretching jewelry? Then you are the right place. We have a   range of stunning ear stretchers, hot and funky ear gauges and tunnels of several sizes. Our ear stretching jewelry is made up of materials which can be easily worn
and do not cause any irritation. They are made up of acrylic, silicone and titanium, which sit comfortably on your skin. Blackline Fake Ear Screw with  piercing gun

Hexagon Ear Gauges are stylish and look great with any kind of party wear. This hexagon shaped ear gauge is made up of light weight material and can easily fit into your ear. The funky design and smooth surface makes it a popular item. It is cheap and quite comfy too.acrylic plugs

We also have Ear Tunnel Lots in several eye catching designs and materials. Our ear tunnels are available in a range of materials like acrylic, glass, coral, UV, zircon gold and much more. All you have to do is to select the ones you want.

Blackline Internally Threaded Ear Flesh Tunnel

Anodized Red Ear Plugs would be an interesting option for your red dress. This ear plugs are light weight and can be easily inserted to your ears. This red ear plug is smooth and glossy and can give you a sexy look.  Ear plugs are available in several sizes and colors to suit your needs. 24mm skin color plugs are ideal for those who have large ear piercings.

White Anodized Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel

  Plug lobes are ideal to be fit into earlobes. Try out our range of plug lobes in a variety of materials and designs. A stylish black Plug Lobe 4mm, combines great looks with comfort. Lightweight and smooth can be inserted easily.
Suitable to sensitive ears, can be worn all day long. Create a unique style with these funky ear plugs.


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