Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnels on Display

The tube like flesh tunnel for the ear is unparalleled when it comes to making the most of your stretched ear. Designed to show off your ear piercing that has been stretched, this unique type of ear jewelry is bound to captivate one and all. Sure you can go for ear plugs as well. But the advantage of opting for screw fit ear flesh tunnels lies in the fact that they are lighter on your ear even if you want to sport a comparatively bigger one.

Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnels with DisplayFret not; you are not going to lose such an item of jewelry to carelessness. The flared end makes it impossible to fall off while the external screw fits it in tightly so that you can continue to run, hop or dance without having to put a stop to all your favorite activities.

Destined to be a classic starter kit for your ear expanding jewelry, this beautiful piece is high on both functionality as well as aesthetics. You are welcome to wear a captive ring or a gemstone studded barbell along with the ear tunnel as well. This is sure to highlight your ear while leaving you with the option of going unadorned elsewhere.

Do not be scared to revel in your choice of ear jewelry though. While it is true that such ear stretching jewelry are not common place especially in the Western World,  history enlightens us about its use thousands of years before by the Egyptians, Burmese, Africans, and Native Americans.

So enjoy your flesh tunnel but steer clear of cheap materials here. Piercebody recommends the ones made of surgical steel that will give you no cause to complain by causing skin flare ups and infections however long you may choose to keep wearing it in your ears. The safe metal also happens to be extremely light in weight and you will hardly feel it throughout the day. Another huge plus of choosing a surgical steel flesh tunnel for your ears is the ease with which you can clean the ear expanding jewelry.

You are surely going to be overjoyed on discovering the price for an exquisite screw fit ear flesh tunnel with display. It is going to cost you only $47.99 and you are also allowed to take it home at a discounted price if you say ‘no’ to the display. Purchasing a number of stainless steel flesh tunnels in a variety of gauge sizes will be wise though especially when you want to pass them off as gifts on special occasions.

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