Sailing Boat With Dangling Anchor Double Flared Ear Plug

Stretched ears are all the rage now thanks to the revival of tribal jewelry once again. It does not matter whether you are a guy or gal, having your ear piercing stretched with a pair of stunning ear plugs is sure to delight you. While the trend is catching on, it is by no means as common place as ear studs or the omnipresent earrings that do not merit a second glance from fashion conscious young people.

You do have to be different of course! That too in a special way! What better than to adorn your lovely pierced ears than a wonderfully designed ear plug depicting a sea journey in totality. No worries! You are not to picture a heavy ship or a series of river boats inserted through your ears. The wonderful sailing boat with a dangling anchor available at is easy on your ears while highlighting your piercings at the same time. The ear plugs are detailed in every aspect and the sail has a spot of bright color on it making the item one of the most popular wholesale ear plugs in the entire collection.

The plugs can surely be fashioned out of every modern material right from wood to acrylic and porcelain. is committed to your safety though. The superb ear plugs with a sailing boat and a dangling anchor on it is, therefore made of 316L stainless steel, the metal that shows no sign of corrosion with the passage of time. That is not all though. The alloy is considered to be 100% safe for your skin and you can forget all past instances of irritations and allergies once you inset this unique item through your pierced ears.

Fastening the irregular piece is not going to be a problem either. It consists of an internal screw that keeps the jewelry wedged firmly to your ears while you go about your routine without being bothered in the least by the ear plugs. The online store is not satisfied with only providing the internal screw either. The sailing boat replete with a dangling anchor doubles up as a double flared ear plug that keeps the entire adornment in place without the necessity of adding any kind of O rings to your ears.

You would be even more astonished to discover that you only have to buy 4 of them in order to avail of the wholesale rate that happens to be $2.49 only.


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