9K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Round Jeweled Top

Round Jeweled Top 9K Gold Internal Lip Labret

Labret piercing is also known as tongue pillar due to its position. In ancient history labret piercings can be found in men holding high positions in administration. However, it is now worn by men and women alike and is used as a fashion and self-empowerment symbol. The name labret piercing has been derived from the position where the piercing is done for adornment. The piercing is done on labrum through the lower lip. It is quite a popular piercing currently because it looks cool, funky and trendy. It used to be a part of the punk rock culture, but now it is accepted in the fashion mainstream as a statement. Men and women both are experimenting with labret piercings nowadays.
Labret piercing can be of various types. However, the commonest ones include lip labret piercing, snake bite piercing and spider bite piercing. It is interesting to note that the names have been derived from the positions where labret piercing is done. There is another variety known as the lowbret piercing. This piercing is done far down from the lip and close to the chin. Initially a 1.2-2.0 mm diameter piercing is done. If you wish to stretch it farther, you will have to wait till it heals.
Labret piercing is a little more complicated than ear and nose piercing. Therefore, it must be done by an expert. The desired spot is marked before the lip is pulled away from the jaw by using a clamp. A piercing needle is used to pierce the lip through the marked spot after which the labret is pushed in through the piercing. Piercing from inside out is easier than the other way round. This particular 9k gold lip labret piercing is also made for inside out piercing. This type of piercing heals faster as well.
The labret item is fitted with the help of a labret stud which resembles a barbell. If you are using use a barbell meant only for labret piercing then you will be able to avoid any irritation or infection in gum and teeth. The variety offered in labret piercing nowadays is amazing. It has become one of the most popular types of piercing. It is particularly famous among the youngsters who wish to look different and bold. This form of piercing looks good with full lips because it enhances the beauty of the lips. However, take care of the piercing until it heals properly.

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