Rose Gold PVD Plated Dangling Casting Ear Flesh Tunnel

Rose Gold PVD Plated Dangling Castings Ear Flesh TunnelYou might have had a traditional ear piercing for long but now wish to take it a step further by having a larger pierced hole to showcase your unique style. When you can buy lovely rose gold PVD plated dangling casting ear flesh tunnel, why not? This beautiful ear flesh tunnel is crafted from 316l surgical steel which is considered to be the safest metal by piercers. However, it is plated with rose gold which makes it special and awesome to look. Available in a wide range of sizes from 6mm to 16mm this will transform your look and provide it an edge you had only dream of.

There are ways to stretch your earlobe piercing without using sterilized tapers. However, it is always advisable to consult a professional piercer to be informed about the risks and the rules for self stretching without tapers. To begin with, increase weight on your earlobes. You can either wear professional piercing ear weights or fishing weights. Now, put a fishing wire through the top circle on the weight and secure with a knot. Tie the loose end of the wire to the bottom of your current earring in case you are wearing danglers or spirals. If there is a tunnel, then thread it through the plug.

Ensure the knot is properly tied for the weights to hang from your earrings. If it is a tunnel, then leave some space while tying the fishing wire in order to avoid cutting off circulation to the earlobe piercing. Wear these weights for along span of time every day before making an attempt to insert a large plug into your pierced ears. Another method is to wrap Teflon tapes on your current earrings. Roll the tape sticky side facing down around your earring and even the edges by keeping it lined up on the earring. If the stretch remains uneven, it may cause uneven pressure on the earlobe piercing. Doing this will make your earrings marginally larger than their original size.

Wearing heavy jewelry like spirals or glass plugs in between stretches can also increase the size of the piercing. Insert the heavy jewelry into your earlobe after each stretch and keep it for a week or two to do the work. However, give ample time to each of the stretch to heal. Finally, use talons or tapered jewelry by attaching O-rings to the front and back ends to prevent it from falling off. This will increase the size and the elasticity of the piercing.

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