Rose Gold PVD Over316L Surgical Steel BCR Ring

Captive bead ring CBR steel jewelry  or ball closure ring/BCR is quite a famous body jewelry which is used in ears, nose, eyebrows and even labrets by piercing enthusiasts. It is circular in shape with a ball/bead placed on one end where the ring closes. The ball can be one made of the same metal from which the ring is made or it can be a bead from other metal. The circle’s diameter is slightly less towards the bead so that it doesn’t fall off the ring. The bead or the ball is generally non-movable and functions like a hook. The one displayed on piercebody is made of surgical gold steel eyebrow and has perfect finish. It has been plated with rose gold making it an exotic piece to own for multi use.
The science behind a BCR is quite interesting. The tensile strength of the metal wire is used to hold the ball in position. Now, the wire is generally crafted from niobium, surgical steel nipple rings or titanium cbr . All these metals are high grade and extremely durable. The bead can also be a precious or semi precious gemstone as worn by Indian brides on their wedding. If you want it simple, then buy the one that is made from the same metal.
One of the best things about a ball closure ring is that it is easy to wear and remove from the piercing. You just have to remove the bead/ball to pull it off. Another advantage of wearing a ball closure ring or a captive bead ring is that it does not get caught into your clothes. Therefore, you can wear a captive ring with your expensive outfits without the fear of damaging them. Even your hair will never get caught in between. So, it is completely safe to put on. The round shape helps to protect the item and also the pierced region. Also, the areas pierced for captive bead ring heals easily because it does not occupy too much space but makes you look beautiful.
Apart from popular areas like nose, ears, lips, some people also wear them on navels and nipples. It depends on personal style where you wish to wear it. Easy steel cbr piercing and fast healing makes it a popular choice among people of all ages. Immediately after you have it pierced into your chosen area you must start caring for it. The best way is to clean the crust with warm water and cotton ball.



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