Rose Gold Platted Straight Barbells with Glitter Balls

Rose Gold Platted Straight Barbells with Glitter BallsThe sternum or the cleavage piercing is a bold fashion statement nowadays followed by young girls a lot. The sternum is the breastbone located in the middle of the chest. It is a broad flat bone and is the base of a cleavage. This piercing is a surface piercing and generally surface bars or surface barbells are used for this piercing. Once the piercing is healed change the balls by replacing them with more colorful ones so that the designs look unique every day. With a cleavage piercing you will look like a stunner and become the next fashion icon in your college.
Piercebody has brought a beautiful and dazzling rose gold plated straight barbell wit glitter balls for the piercing enthusiast. This particular item looks gorgeous and has a sparkling appearance with glitters on the balls. Made from 316l surgical steel, the barbell is absolutely safe and being coated by rose gold it has a feminine touch to it. Perfect for the female body, the rose gold barbell is just the one for you which will transform your style forever. We all know by now that piercing is not a just any other fad, it is serious body modification which serves as a way to own your body. By having such a unique and rare piercing with the glittering barbell from piercebody, you will be powerful and sexy.
Find a hygienic piercing parlor to get this piercing done with a professionally skilled piercer. The piercer must be highly skilled to perform this piercing. The sternum is a sensitive area and hence both you and the piercer must be careful. He/she will mark the entry and exit points after which he will insert the jewelry with the help of a sterilized hollow needle. This piercing is little bit more painful than many others. But if you wish to be really different, you have to tolerate that pain.
Cleavage piercing takes about 4-6 weeks t heal completely depending on how diligently you follow the aftercare routine. You have to protect the piercing zone and therefore wear clothes that do not get entangled with it. Salt solution soak with a cotton ball twice a day will help in healing and do not use lotions, body sprays, ointment and cosmetics. The cost of sternum piercing is between $30 and $40. Some of the variations include horizontal cleavage piercing, vertical cleavage piercing, dermal piercing which can be double or single.

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