Rose Gold Platted lip piercing jewelry

Since rose gold is back in the jewelry business and back with a bang, why don’t you wear a piece plated with rose gold especially on or around your lips? Rose gold enhances the beauty of any face and matches with any colorful dress. It is trendy yet classic and elegant yet bold. Rose gold has a unique charm and that has rendered this rose gold plated lip piercing jewelry a special place in the list of lip rings for sale online jewelries offered by Piercebody. The item is originally made from 316l surgical steel and has been plated with bright rose gold with a cone in front making it look even more fashionable. This can be worn as shark bite piercing on the lower lip in both males and females.
Shark bites piercing not just has an interesting name but also has quite a formidable fan following with youngsters topping the list. The fact that it is a unisexual form of piercing has added more charm to it. A wide variety of jewelry items can be used for shark bites piercing ranging from captive bead rings to circular barbells lip rings and labret rings and studs. Some people are using loop rings as well for a combined and exclusive look. This piercing is believed to enhance the beauty of one’s smile. It costs between $80 and $125 at a licensed piercing parlor.
Opt for a reputable parlor so that you are spared any problems arising out of the quality of piercing. An experienced professional piercer is required to perform this piercing. He will clean the area and mark the places before inserting a sterilized hollow needle to make 4 perforations. While inserting the jewelry item, he will use a longer barbell or bigger ring to provide space for swelling which can be replaced later as the piercing heals. The pain and swelling will remain for the initial days as is common with any deep piercing.
During the healing period cotton ball saline soak is mandatory and do not touch the piercing with dirty hands. Avoid alcohol, smoke, spicy and hot foods to prevent irritation and use a soft bristled toothbrush while brushing your teeth. Rinse your mouth well after every meal with an antibacterial mouthwash. A shark bite piercing takes around 2-3 months or a little more depending on your body and your adherence to aftercare regimen. However, if the pain persists for a longer period of time, check with a doctor.

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