Rexine Ribbon Bow Silver Belly Ring

Rexine Ribbon Bow Silver Belly RingThe bow is one of the most enduring motifs which has a timeless feel to it. It is feminine, elegant and of course classic which has remained the jewelry lovers’ favorite through the ages. A bow can enhance the beauty of a jewelry item; be it a necklace, earring, ring or even a belly ring. It is always the favorite of a girly girl and all of us have at least one such item in our jewelry box. This is such a motif which is liked by adults and children alike. You will spot a child with a bow on her hair band and also an adult with a bow on her cute belly button.

The bow is one such motif which has undergone changes in order to remain a favorite. If your friends and colleagues or relatives think that body piercing is not feminine then have a belly button pierced with a bow fitted navel jewelry to change their idea of femininity. If that is not enough, then choose pink gem studded belly piercing to prove them wrong. Bow and pink combined makes the most divine pair. No other feminine look can beat this combination.

The rexine ribbon bow silver belly ring is the cutest belly ring you will ever come across. Offered by Piercebody, its body is of titanium or 316l surgical steel whichever you prefer. The size of the belly ring is 10mm or 14gauge and the charm portion is made of 925 sterling silver. The charm part is the most beautiful part of the navel ring because it appears in the shape of a bow. The bows appear in various colors so that you can choose your favorite one. The pink bow is ideally the most girly bow while the yellow is the brightest.

The white looks pristine while the red bow looks gorgeous. The green bow looks cute whereas the purple bow looks royal. You can never get bored with bows because of their simple yet charming shape. Whether you are wearing a bikini or a sarong it looks perfect on your belly button. Even if you are wearing a pair of rugged jeans along with a cropped top, the bow will help you keep in touch with your girly side. If you are wearing a lacy skirt, then the bow belly accessory is the perfect jewelry item you can have on your body. Feel the magic of the ever stylish bow!

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