Reverse Navel Rings Jewelry

Jeweled Non-Moving Reverse Belly Curve

Reverse belly button rings; check out the modern trend of our belly button ring with our selection of the sexy top down and the cutting edge collection of the Reverse Belly Ring  from simple designs to the top tier.Moving Jeweled Multi Flower Designed SS Curved Banana Bar Belly Ring

The elegant designer belly button ring in an exquisite design. Beautifully crafted with the clear and the aqua gems or can even be selection in the color choice as wanted. This exquisite piece features a 14G-3/8″-5mm made of 925 sterling silver and also crafted in 316l stainless steel.navel flower

Nowadays, belly button ring come in an array of shapes, colors, designs as well well as patterns. Our body jewelry store  itself specializes in silver belly button ring. In our collection, the dangling reverse navel rings is a catch of glimpse with an ideal of dangling chains in different patterns. Often they are decorated with any other accessories imaginable,Dangling navel jewelry

including precious and semi-precious stones and gems.swarovski belly button rings

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