Reverse Banana Jeweled Flower Belly Ring

Do you wish to a belly ring but in a different way? Have you thought of wearing a belly ring in an unconventional way? Then, a reverse belly ring is ideal for you. It is different from a traditional belly ring but is full of glamour and style. So, you won’t have to compromise on your style quotient yet you can look differently beautiful and stylish. Also experienced wearers are of the opinion that a reverse belly button ring has some particular advantages. A reverse belly ring provides a distinctly different look because instead of hanging from the bottom, it hangs from top of the belly button. To some people this creates a visually stunning look.

The biggest advantage of sporting a reverse belly button ring is that it reduces the chance of getting hurt by being caught in dresses. If your piercings get caught or entangled in your clothes, it could be particularly painful. But by wearing a reverse belly ring this problem can be avoided as it hangs in a different way. So, for people who worry about little things, this is a safer style to display. The flower and butterfly banana reverse belly ring that piercebody brings to you looks awesome and is unmatched in its appeal. It is available in a wide range of colors so that you can choose your favorite among them.

Reverse belly button rings do not hang as low as the straight ones and therefore have less problems associated with them. Even if you are comfortable with a straight belly ring, you will never be uncomfortable with a reverse belly button ring. The classic style is that of a curved bar with dangling charms. A reverse belly ring generally comes with gemstones on it whose dazzle blinds the onlooker.

Nowadays many women are opting for belly button rings; celebs and common women alike. Some people even buy diamond studded ones to give a special impression. Not only are they gorgeous they are also safer than the traditional ones. The flower and butterfly motif which is displayed on this ring is the most popular one while there are others like bars which look sleek. The butterfly and flower looks feminine, beautiful and glamorous. Reverse belly button rings actually provide the impression of a full ring and hence appear more appealing than the traditional ones. Thus, reverse belly button rings are not just stylish but also beneficial.

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