How to Remove Your Body Piercing Jewelry?

You can remove your body piercing by removing the jewelry, which allows the hole to close. However, removing your body piercing is not as easy as it sounds. Usually, it is advisable to go to your piercer and get your piercing removed. The obvious reasons are:

  • To any professional, your safety is their first priority
  • Your piercer will charge you nothing for this
  • Your piercer, with his skills, will be able to remove your piercing in no time but if you try to do it on your own then you could end up getting infected and having your skin ripped open.

Important Reminders on How to Remove Body Piercing

Things to be kept in mind before removing the piercing:

  • Remove your body piercing only after your piercing area has healed completely. Usually, it takes at least 6-8 weeks for the pierced part of the body to heal.
  • Do not remove your jewelry if you think your piercing is infected as removing the jewelry under such conditions will only cause more problems. It is advisable to see your piercer or a doctor in such cases.

However, going to the piercing studio sometimes becomes quite impossible. Well, in that case, you should know how to remove body piercing.


The various tools that are specially designed for the removal of body piercing are:

  • Inverse Pliers: Also known as ring openers work like normal pliers but in the reverse form. When you squeeze the handles, the pliers open outward, rather than pinching inward. It is usually used in removing captive bead rings (CBRs).
  • Rubber Gloves: They prevent the spread of infection while removing the jewelry. Helps in the removal of labret studs and barbells.
  • Bead Grab and Nose Pliers: Used for removing CBRs.

You can purchase these above-mentioned tools for the required purpose. However, to prevent the jewelry from getting scratched, you should wrap the pliers with medical tape. This will lower the damage and will add traction at the same time.

Steps to remove your body piercing:

  1. Insert the pliers into the jewelry
  2. Grab it with your hand
  3. Apply pressure outwards on the pliers so that the jewelry expands
  4. Then rotate the jewelry out and keep it in some clean paper towel

Some additional facts that you should know before going for the removal process:

  • It becomes easier to remove the jewelry from the pierced part of the body after shower, soak or compress as it not only removes the depositions on the jewelry but also helps the piercing to expand. Soaking and compressing is to be done with warm water and sea salt mixture.
  • You can use a small amount of water based lubricant to remove the jewelry with ease.
  • It’s better to wear medical gloves while removing the jewelry as it will improve the grip and traction you would have on the jewelry, be it balls, slippery beads or rings.


Piercing Tool

The very necessity item for body piercing is piercing tool. The body piercing comes in a wide range of tools with different applications. Let’s start with ring opening and closing piercing tools. They are used for piercing different parts of the body. Another one is the hemostat forceps; these are used for holding the jewelry steady while doing the piercing. These forceps come in both curved as well as straight patterns. In addition to these piercing tools, you will get a number of other piercing tools as per your preference. As you start with your piercing, eventually you will get to know about the types of piercing tools that are necessary for your piercing.


Author: Aaron Benson

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