How to reduce small from stretched ears?

Stretched earlobes can make you feel like a style king/queen. However, you should definitely not cross your comfort level while stretching your ear lobes and more so if you wish to restore the normal size again. There have been cases where one has stretched his/her earlobes to a great extent and suddenly with the rise of a particular situation he/she wants to close it now. This becomes difficult and then there is no guarantee that it will return to its normal shape and size. Ear lobes are cartilage not bones and are also elastic by nature but even then they can only take so much stretch.

How to Reduce the Stretch?  

Whether you wish to reduce the stretch or simply wish to close it, the safest and fastest method is contacting an experienced plastic surgeon to perform surgery and close it. Since a doctor will be attending you, you need not worry. However, it is quite costly method and you have to be prepared to spend a lump sum. There is another remedy to this problem but it is time consuming. So, if you have time and are prepared to develop a regular routine, then try it. This is a natural method which involves using essential oils to massage the area. Regular deep tissue massage with oils like Neem Oil, Jojoba oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, and Vitamin E oil and avoiding any other kind of jewellery into the hole can reduce the stretch to a smaller size. You need to apply oil twice daily in order to close stretched lobes.

However, the result depends on the degree of the massage and also on the dealing capacity of an individual’s body. It is not easy but dedication will definitely help you to regain the original size. You had initially put a lot of effort into stretching it so now it’s time to work it backwards.

Tips and Warnings

Remember not to irritate your skin and cause an irreparable damage to it. You can also use lavender and tea tree oil but you have to dilute it before using. It will be wise and more rewarding to massage the inside of the stretch to reduce it in size. It will work faster this way. Finally, it depends on how was it stretched and to what length. If the stretch is not much and it was stretched slowly, then healing should be faster and reducing it will be easier.

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