Real belly button Rings

Ever since the trend of belly button rings started in the 1990’s this rage has only increased and added to the world
of fashion accessories navel chains. From models, to sports stars, to actors and non-celebrity Fashionista’s, flashing a belly button ring is the norm Pink 8 gauge ring. There are a type and texture for each of its wearers: uv belly stone, gems, metal , Acrylic, Bio FlexBottom navel Surgical Steel : ‘be it Fancy, Dangle, Non Dangles, curved barbells, flowing chains, chandeliers, you name it they got it!non piercing chains


Sky Blue Crystal stone Heart With Curved Bar Navel Belly Ring FDBLY628         Crystal stone Jeweled With Enamel Print Heart Belly Ring       Multi Crystal stone Banana Bar Belly Ring

Red With White Crystal stone Heart SS Curved Bar Belly Ring FDBLY633    

Of these, Lime green belly button rings are amongst the most popular shade of the gems used in these rings since they complement the skin complexion of most wearers. They come in different shades and patterns are it floral or abstract.
The most popular ones are acrylic tipped balls with a stainless steel barbell Stainless steel belly rings.

For navel piercing, 14 gauges is the size norm since for other gauge sizes, belly button rings are difficult to find. The standard sizes
for belly button rings are 3/8″ or 7/16″.


Fancy Jeweled Dangling Navel Belly Ring        Devil Heart Dangling Belly Banana         Pink Crystal Rugby Ball Navel Ring

To add to the fun quotient of these piercings, there are holiday belly button rings for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and Valentine’s Day!

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