A range of beautiful nose pins

Are you tired of wearing the same nose jewel for ages? Don’t be glum; just take a look at our collection of diamond nose pins that would surely delight you. With a wide variety of nose pins on display, we have just the one that you would want to take a pick. Crafted by our finest artisans our collection of gold nose pins is available in different shapes. These nose jewels are made of international quality gold and superior cut Diamonds that add a brilliant sheen to your glamour. Our nose pins are available in floral designs or just in the form of round shaped studs.
Nose jewelry items like nose hoops, nose screws, nose bones, rings and pins are usually made of different semi precious stones like pearls, ruby, and diamond. When you compare the popularity of the materials used, you will find that diamond and gold nose pins are perhaps the most preferred nose jewelry. The elegance of a diamond nose pin attracts nose pin lovers belonging to different age groups. Moreover, the availability of different shape and size offers an added advantage to the buyers.

Different types of gold nose pins
The gold pins for your nose are available in both 14 karat and 9 karat gold for those of you who are looking for lighter stuff. Both the varieties are equally good and sure to alleviate your beauty. The designs are unique and done with care. If you have a fetish for stone studded nose pins, the Pure Gold 14 karat Diamond nose pin is just the one for you. Delicately designed to perfection, the detailed work of the craftsmen will surely add panache to your fashion statement. What distinguishes these gold pins from the rest is the blend of the contemporary with the classical.

A wide array of nose pins suitable for all
Our collection of nose pins is available in a plethora of shapes. If you are one of those who do not want to be removed from the tried and tested method of wearing a nose pin, the designs available in the nose screw style is just the one for you. For those of you who want to make several uses of your nose pin, you can also buy the Ball end nose pin type, which can be easily worn as ear studs too.
So don’t wait just rush to take your pick.

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