Rainbow Anodized Casting Eyebrow Banana

If you wish to have a crow’s feet piercing, then you can definitely buy the rainbow anodized casting eyebrow banana. The crow’s feet piercing is a part of anti-eyebrow piercing next to the outer corner of the eye. It is a small space but piercing the area can definitely highlight your eye. The rainbow anodized casting banana bar is beautiful and stylish to look at. If you wear this jewelry on your face, then you will definitely stand out in the crowd and your peers and friends will appreciate your sense of fashion. Crow’s feet piercing is still a rare one which gives you the chance to sport a unique kind of piercing.
Since, the item is made from surgical steel in anodized form, it is good for the skin and the item comes at an affordable price from Piercebody. With the wide range of colors and designs on one side of the barbell, you can choose your favorite design easily. However, to have the piercing jewelry on the right place you must book an appointment with an experienced piercer who performs difficult facial piercings. Since this will be done on your face, you have to be more careful. At the parlor the piercer will use a sterilized hollow needle and a clamp to hold the skin before making a hole into it. Once, the hole has been created the jewelry will be inserted into it. You must remember that these are surface piercings so the jewelry will not come out through the other side. To have the perfect crow’s feet on the outer side of the eye, you should have two piercings which can be done simultaneously or you can come back after the first one has healed.
This piercing is considered to be a unisex one. Lots of men are getting this done to look cool and different. Since, this is a unique spot; you really need to take care of the piercing so that it does not give in to infections to any damage. Any kind of anti-eyebrow piercing takes months to heal so you have to be patient with it. Be very careful not to touch it and avoid sleeping on your side until it heals. Sea salt soak is a must and keep the place dry and free from crusts. Be very gentle with the piercing and maintain a healthy lifestyle to accelerate the healing process.

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