Pyrex Glass Ear Plugs and Tunnels- Fashionable, Safe and Durable

Body jewelry has been the most prominent trend over the last few decades and going by the market, it won’t fade away but last for another decade. The trend of body jewelry has given a chance to people of all sections, socio-economic groups and fashionistas to express their sense of style. It has provided every individual with coolness in their style which is hard to achieve by any other means. Piercing has remained an unbeatable fashion opening doors for experimentation. One such experimentation is piercing the earlobes and also the tragus with tunnels and ear plugs. The ones made from Pyrex glass have particularly attracted lot of attention among the youth.

What is Pyrex Glass and Its Advantages
Pyrex is basically a brand of glass manufactured by the Corning Glass Works Company. It is a borosilicate glass made by heating raw materials like boric oxide and silica over a very high temperature for a prolonged period of time. The molten product is used to make ear plugs and tunnels in body jewelry industry. Introduced in the early 20th century it has become a principal raw material in body jewelry these days. Pyrex glass is medically tested, lead-free and non-porous. It is very strong and safe to use. A Pyrex glass tunnel or plug is non-toxic and bio compatible making it harmless and easily usable for the buyers. Glass is generally a heavy material, so buy small plugs and tunnels to pierce your earlobes to make the healing process faster. Also, your stretch will be less painful.
Pyrex glass is safe to be used in body jewelry because it does not break easily like other glasses making the piercing and stretching process harmless. You can stretch and pierce your earlobe to a comfortable extent by using a Pyrex glass ear plug or tunnel. Since Pyrex has an anti-corrosive quality, it lasts longer than most of the other materials. So, you do not have to worry about your Pyrex glass tunnel or plug losing its luster, shine and texture.

Where Can you Buy Pyrex Glass Ear Plugs and Tunnels?
There are so many online and also brick and mortar stores for buying Pyrex glass ear plugs and tunnels. But the sheer variety of will astound you. The items are available in grey, blue, green, orange, red and other bright colors to match with your youthful attire. The pebble designed tunnels and plugs look fascinating and are equally comfortable to wear. Moreover, this glass variety is the best choice for people who are vulnerable to metal allergies.

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