PVD Plated Surgical Steel Fake Ear Clip

PVD Plated Surgical Steel Fake Ear clipFake ear clips can take you away from the fear of pain, risk of infection and also confused state of mind in choosing the right earring for you. This is the best way to not undergo any kind of stress but still enjoy the freedom to express your style. You can be a part of the trend and look fashionable without having your ears pierced and a fake ear clip piercing is the best option for you. However, before buying a non piercing earring, you must check the metal of the fake one to avoid any kind of allergic reactions. For example, the ones displayed at piercebody are made from surgical steel which is the most skin friendly metal.

This surgical steel fake ear clip is plated with PVD which makes it more durable and also more attractive to look at. There are various colors in this category which you can choose from. Buy a couple of them so that you can mix and match the colors with your outfits. The fake ear clip offered to you by piercebody is the best alternative to pierced ears. Clip-on earring was first introduced in the style market in the 1930s. The earliest clip on had a screw and clamp mechanism to hold on to the earlobe unlike the magnetic ones which had loose hold. Hence, as soon as they were released in the market, clip-ons became a roaring hit.

The modern version of clip-ons has a clip attached to a hinge on the back of the earring. It is quite easy to wear a clip on earring. You simply have to pull the clip to slide the earring into the earlobe and place it back on the clip. You might experience a little pinch or small amount of swelling if the distance between the clip and the earring is small and the hinge is tight. Do not worry about that. Another option is the cuff style which simply hugs from the earlobe or a cartilaginous area in the ear.

Another great option for non piercing earrings is the spring action hoops. These fake ones are generally circular in shape and hence resemble hoop earrings. The hoop has a spring that retracts while you push the hoop up onto the earlobe. The spring releases back as soon as the earring is on the lobe while 2 pads on each end of the hoop apply pressure to the keep the earring in position.

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