PVD Plated Glittering smiley Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is gaining a steady line of followers in the entertainment industry with big names included in the list who have taken to tragus piercing. In various fashion shows and latest films you can spot stars and models with experimental tragus piercing which is an interesting visual and style statement. To spread this style far and wide Piercebody is continuously adding to their inventory of beautiful, cool and trendy piercing items. One such item is the PVD plated glittering smiley tragus piercing which is made of 316l surgical steel and appears in 3 colors including black. The best part is of course the fact that the smiley glitters and spreads happiness.

If you are now thinking about who the celebs are, then follow the post.

Pink has a lovely tragus piercing on her ear to complement her energetic personality which is quite infectious considering the fan following she has. Another celeb seeing sporting a tragus piercing is Hilarie Burton. Hilarie’s style is distinct and she has multiple piercings on her body among which a humble tragus piercing talks volumes about her style and fashion. Sophia Bush is another popular celeb appearing regularly on television reality shows with her piercings. One thing about Sophia is that she matches her clothes with her piercings which looks extremely stylish on screen. Sophia was voted as one of the most beautiful young celebs of 2013.

Penelope Cruz, the stunning and sexy actress from Spain has a petite structure but a touch tragus piercing which enhances her beautiful looks and makes her look sexier on screen. The Hollywood superstar Kate Beckinsale has a strong personality and also sports piercings. She is seen with quite a bold tragus piercing which makes her look trendy and chic and complements her personality quite well.

The pop sensation Britney Spears looked striking in her videos and she made piercings quite popular because teenagers and youngsters of 90s loved her style. Britney sports an expensive $10,000 tragus piercing which made her one of the most popular style icons of all times. Scarlett Johansson, the extremely sexy actress looks smoking hot with her tragus piercing which is only second in terms of price to Britney’s piercing. Scarlett’s piercing cost her $5,000 and is one of the most talked about tragus piercings in the entertainment world.

Last but the least the style icon and pop singer Rihanna who always keeps experimenting with her fashion, looked stunning with her tragus piercing.


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