PVD Plated Glittering Marijuana Tragus Piercing

PVD Plated Glittering marijuana Tragus PiercingTragus is that part of the ear which is identified by the presence of a cartilage flap on the outside of the ear canal and a piercing of this portion is known as the tragus piercing which has now become quite popular among piercing enthusiasts. It is not considered as an outrageous fashion statement these days. Piercing has become a part of everyday fashion and style now and hence people are more open to experiments regarding piercing. Tragus piercing is slightly more painful than the usual ear piercings because it is quite thick and hence requires little more time to heal. It is wise to visit a piercer for first time tragus piercing.

When you decide to have your tragus pierced with some kind of beautiful jewelry, take a look at this bright and glittering PVD plated marijuana tragus piercing stud. The stud brought to you by Piercebody has been crafted from 316 surgical steel and has the measurements for snug fit. Available in 3 colors, this amazing item can be worn on single ear or both ears to make a fashion statement. Glittering and bright the stud earring is visible from afar and you will rock the look at any event or party. In fact, it is quite small in size and is suitable for everyday purpose as well. Piecebody brings this lovely marijuana leaf at a competitive price for clients.

The process of ear piercing has become safer with the invention of instruments and also with some professional experience of piercers. Untoward incidents do not really occur anymore while piercing.  Piercers clean the area before piercing to avoid infections and a cork is placed within the canal to avoid any harm to the ear canal. Usually a tragus is pierced using a needle and not a gun. Studs like the marijuana leaf are chosen by lots of people because they look sophisticated as well as functional. Studs are ideal for people who are looking to such stuffs to office as well.

If you want your piercing to last long, you must take care of the piercing during its initial phase and also protect it after the initial period of healing is over. Right jewelry along with proper positioning and thorough aftercare routine also goes a long way in making it long lasting. The price range of tragus piecing is usually between $15 and $50 unless you are visiting a celebrity piercer.

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