PVD Plated Glittering Fox Tragus Piercing

PVD Plated Glittering Fox Tragus PiercingWith ear piercing soaring high on the tide of popularity, novices and experienced piercing enthusiasts are choosing different locations on the ear to flaunt their fashion. Tragus is one such position on the frontal ear to have gained lot of popularity after the helix to flaunt beautiful pieces of piercing jewelry. In fact, both men and women have taken to tragus piercing very nicely and are adapting their personal styles to suit this particular piercing. With the kind of variety available these days in piercing jewelry, very little is left to the imagination about why tragus piercing has come to be accepted as part of mainstream fashion these days.

This lovely PVD plated fox tragus piercing brought to you by Piercebody is made from 316l surgical steel which is considered to be the most skin friendly metal for piercings. The item has a mysterious look and feel to it. It almost resembles the masks used by men and women in masquerades to conceal their identity. Of course, this small and cute item won’t help you in concealing your true self but it will definitely inspire you to be stylish and fashionable. Gone are the days when piercing was associated with cults and tribes and sub cultures. Currently, they are very much a part of global fashion and people are open to experiments now.

You can either wear this fox singularly or as part of a cluster you wish to have on your ears. It is been noticed that fashion conscious women are increasingly opting for cluster piercings with subtle jewelry items. The fox is certainly a versatile jewelry which can blend in with the other ear jewelries you are planning to sport. Piercebody brings 3 colors of tragus stud for you to mix and match it with your ensemble.

Tragus piercing is in fact considered to be innovative and adventurous in degree much more than the helix or earlobe. The tragus piercing is quite unique because it is done of the opposite side of any other piercing performed on the ears. Though it is marginally less adventurous than took, conch or industrial piercing, a pierced tragus also looks quite sexy. A tragus piercing really provides a distinguished look to the wearer. With this fox tragus stud you will look even more unique because this is a one of a kind piece offered by Piercebody. Enjoy your new look with a fox on your tragus!

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