How to put in a curved nose ring?

Piercing body parts to make room for fancy jewelry is almost as old as human civilization. Piercing has been done by people of all civilizations, ages and sexes. Though this fashion was somewhat subdued in course of time, it has again caught the fancy of people around the world once more.

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Nose rings are a very popular and nice way to pep up the look of a person. Curved nose rings are the most in demand. We at are the forerunners in supplying unique, fashionable and best quality curved nose rings. A curved nose ring is available in various gauges and materials. Curved nose rings are mostly designed with a stud at one end and an open-ended point at the other. It passes through the skin of the nose at the point of piercing. Once you place an order with us, be rest assured of its high quality, stylish looks and prompt delivery. You should also know how to put in the ring in your nose. It is a delicate process and we will guide you through it.

Clean your hands thoroughly with an effective anti bacterial soap and warm water. Take a ball of cotton dipped in water based lubricant and apply it on both the outer and inner sides of the point of piercing. Sterilize the ring itself in boiling water or hydrogen peroxide to rid it of any germs. Piercing is painful so you can apply a numbing gel if you want. Stand in front of a mirror and then push the pointed end of the curved nose ring into the outer side of your piercing hole. Put the thumb of your other hand inside your nose, against the inner side of the piercing hole. Continue thrusting the curved nose ring into the hole, turning it clockwise as you do so. Maneuver the pointed end of the curved nose ring through the inner side of the piercing hole with your thumb. Keep pushing and rotating the jewelry clockwise until the stud fits agreeably against the skin of your nose. But you must not force it into the piercing; it might lead to damage of skin tissue and infect the area. Do it methodically and slowly. After you are done, you can apply a little amount of antibiotic cream or a bit more hydrogen peroxide on the pierced area to prevent any infection.

Your nose ring is settled and now you can flaunt it to make you stand out in the crowd!

Author: Aaron Benson

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