How to properly fit earrings?

How to properly fit earrings?

Earrings add a finishing touch to any outfit if they are a perfect match for that particular attire. We, women buy different earrings that will go with our dresses, but how many of us ever think whether the earrings are a perfect fit?

There are certain factors a woman should always look into before buying any earring.
They are:

  • The post that is a diameter which supports the earring is highly polished and smooth.
  • The size of the nut is perfect for the post and it fits properly into the locking position.
  • When viewed from top the metal should not be visible except the prongs.
  • Stones are properly set in close proximity to the base of the prong assembly.
  • The prong tips are smooth, well-rounded and they strongly hold the stone in position.
  • The post is not too long otherwise it will poke the scalp, thereby becoming a continuous source of annoyance to you.
  • The earring wire is durable and comfortable.

Earring Post

The earring posts vary in accordance to the shape of the ear. Usually, the diameter of the post should be 0.85mm. It should hold up the stud well and should not distort normally. The post length should be 11mm which is a perfect fit for most earlobes. However, standard earring posts may need to be customized according to your needs. For example, if you have thin earlobes, then you require the locking notch to be shifted in a position such that it can hold the earring in place and prevent the stud from drooping forward.  For earrings to be worn high on the ear, the post lengths should be shortened, otherwise, the posts will keep on poking the scalp, causing nuisance to you.

Earring Back

Earring backs can be found in various shapes and sizes. While choosing them, you should check that it works with the post on the earrings that you have bought. Sometimes heavy earrings stretch the piercing in the earlobe. In such cases, oversized backs firmly support the studs against the stretched piercing without causing you any problem.

Ear Wire Gauge

In case of ear wire gauge, a higher gauge number implies thinner wire. For example, a 26 gauge wire is very thin whereas a 12 gauge wire is a pretty thick wire. The common wire sizes are 20, 21 and 22 gauge. Earring wire of 21 gauges usually fits most pierced ears and is compatible too with maximum earring styles. For small earrings, 22 gauges is a good choice.

Locking notch

The locking notch should be placed in around 2mm from the end.

How to choose earrings that suit your face?
Based on different shapes of human faces, various types of earrings are listed below:

  • Women with oval-shaped faces look good in almost all types of earrings but teardrop type and oval-shaped dangling earrings look exceptionally good on them.
  • Women with round faces should go for angular designs.
  • Heart faced women should wear dangle, teardrop or chandelier type earrings.
  • The best choices for square faced women are dangling, elongated pieces and hoop earrings.
  • Both hoop and dangle types highlight diamond shaped faces beautifully.

Author: Aaron Benson

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