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Tongue jewelry is one of the familiar piercing jewelry. It is easily achieved by everyone with the help of a piercer. It is also a traditional piercing style wearing of jewelry that followed from the olden days. However, now in the modern generation it has completely changed from the old style of tongue jewelry. The tongue jewelry gives some unique experience to the individual who achieved this popular piercing. It is commonly achieved by both men as well as women in the worldwide region. The majority of the individuals now familiar to this tongue piercing jewelry style with various ways. If you need to achieve this tongue jewelry you have to get one reliable professional piercer as he or she will give some idea. Make sure your selection of the suitable jewelry while you need to achieve this style. The tongue piercing jewelry style includes some types such as double tongue jewelry, venom tongue jewelry, traditional tongue jewelry, horizontal tongue jewelry, tongue tip jewelry, tongue web jewelry and some others. The desired individual can choose their desirable tongue jewelry to change their fashion than other people. Before, you have to buy tongue rings with comfortable and convenient designs for you. They show their uniqueness by achieving this unique quality tongue jewelry.

Best collections of jewelry:

tongue jewelry

  • Tongue Piercing Labret Stud Tragus Real Gold: It is one of the classic designed tongue piercing jewelry. It is completely made of 14k white solid gold with sturdy barbell with well furnished. The real gold tongue rings are a handmade item with shiny surface. The size of the jewelry is thick and comfort with this unique design.

tongue jewelry

  • Dragon ring – Sterling silver: it is a handmade item with dragon head designed jewelry. The silver tongue rings are made of superior quality material and professionally designed. You can directly purchase it through the online store and get various offers for your purchase.

tongue jewelry

  • 16g Rose-Gold Plated 316L Surgical Steel Labret Tongue piercing jewelry: it is an elegant designed with high quality gold material rose gold coated in this jewelry. The 16g tongue ring is a handmade item with unique design. It is accessible through the online store at an affordable price. Check out wholelsale tongue jewelry here.

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  • 12 gauge hoop tongue piercing ring: it is made of fine quality sterling silver with a glowing and shiny surface of the jewelry. The hoop tongue rings are a handmade item with various sizes. You can easily purchase it through the online store. The unique design of this jewelry will apt for your tongue piercing and gives attractive look.

tongue jewelry

  • Captive Bead Ring 18G Surgical Steel Black tongue piercing ring: the tongue earrings are loop based with modern design and achieved with a stainless steel material. It is completely free of rust and durable and didn’t cause any infection. You can directly purchase it from the online store. It is suitable for both men and women. Check wholesale piercing supplies at piercebody awesome shop for sure.


  • Pink Glitter TONGUE Ring 14G (1.6mm) 5/8″ (16mm) Epoxy Barbell Piercing Jewelry: it is a handmade item with high quality pink colored jewelry. It enclosed a sturdy barbell and glowing shiny surface of the jewelry apt to all. It is accessible with various colors in the online store.


  • Turquoise Stone Tongue Barbell Piercing: it is uniquely designed item with mild blue colored stone connected with sturdy barbell. It is a handmade item with well furnished jewelry. You can easily purchase this tongue piercing jewelry through the online store. It is suitable for all with this modern jewelry.

tongue jewelry

  • Dark Blue Glitter Opal Tongue Barbell: it is handmade item, which is included the 316L stainless surgical steel with a fine long barbell. The 7mm barbell and bottom ball size is 5mm. It achieved by the pricey opal stone at the top with full shiny surface. It is easily purchased it through the online store with various offers.

tongue jewelry

  • Silver curved barbell: it is a well furnished with sturdy and curved barbell for a tongue piercing. It is made of surgical stainless steel for a long life and avoids the infection to the pierced individual. The various colors of the stones attract others by this unique design. Explore wholesale tongue jewelry for best deal.

tongue jewelry

  • 16G straight barbell: this jewelry is suitable for various piercing styles. It is completely made of premium stainless steel with an attractive and modern design. The long barbell enhances the pierced individual experience. You can directly purchase it through the online.

tongue jewelry

  • 16g 8mm Flex Push-in Labret: it is a handmade item with flexible push and bio plastic material included in this tongue piercing jewelry. The unique quality of the jewelry meets the individual requirements. It prevents the cause of infection to the pierced individual. It includes various collections in the online store.

tongue jewelry

  • Tongue rings stainless steel: it is fully made of 14g 316L stainless steel with a contemporary design. It is also a handmade tongue piercing jewelry with a long and sturdy barbell. The various types of colors accessible in the online store you can directly purchase it.

Cost of tongue piercing jewelry:-

There are various types of tongue piercing jewelries accessible in the online store. You have to make sure while you purchase from the online store. Because, some stores didn’t give the selected product and also the jewelry quality is low. If you need to buy the tongue piercing jewelry; the online is the only to purchase it from numerous collections, designs and affordable price. You can pick whatever design, but don’t forget the quality of the jewelry. If you select the expensive jewelry such as gold or titanium you have to see the features of the jewelry, whether it is suitable for your piercing style and comfortable. The comfort is more important when you select the jewelry, don’t choose the uncomfortable jewelry because it forever gives the disturbance in the pierced region. Finally, look for the price term when you need to save less. Wholesale body jewelry manufacturers are many in the market but piercebody shop is best for good deals.

The ring types of modern design such as skull, star, and other smiley faced ring types accessible in the online store with numerous collections. Whatever, you need just enter the online store to pick the desired tongue piercing jewelry. The initial price range of the jewelry starts from 5 dollars to 85 dollars. The expensive jewelry gives the full comfort and convenience to the pierced individual. Because, it is made of fine quality material prevents the cause of infection in the pierced region. The quality jewelry enhances the individual involvement and makes some changes in the tongue piercing style. Some individual achieves the fake tongue rings in the pierced region to make some entertainment. It is a low price and doesn’t wear for a long duration. It causes major risk when the individual wears the low quality ring for a long.

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