Pink Red Color Changing Nail Polish- Experience the magic under the Sunlight

Are you bored of single colored nail polishes and wish for something different? Well, then Piercebody has brought a color changing nail polish for you. The color changing nail polish changes color under sunlight. This change in color is quite a magical experience and hence is gaining popularity fast. Earlier women only had single color nail polishes to decorate their long finger nails. Some also used nail art stickers which also look beautiful on long and shapely nails. However, the color changing nail polish has taken fashion a step forward by providing a lovely alternative to the boring same colored nail polishes.
Nail polish is something which keeps changing with the color of one’s outfit. Normally, people wear nail polish which matches the color of their outfit and their entire make up. But, now you won’t have to worry about removing nail polish from your nails and wear it time and again. You can put the color changing nail polish on your nails and see the color change once you are out in the sun. With this color changing nail polish you will not have to remove and put nail enamels matching your clothes all the time.
Apart from being fashionable, it is also quite functional. Modern, independent working women do not always have time to look after their nail polishes and worry about its color complementing her entire look. The color changing nail polish is a great alternative for them. If you are using the purple color changing nail polish, it will change into red color once you are out in the sun and you can witness the magical change. In this way you can explore different shades of colors on your finger nails. The colors will be soft and feminine indoors and colorful and funky outdoors. Flaunt the lovely colors and gather appreciation from peers, friends and even competitors.
Every time you put on this nail polish and get out in the sun, the chemical inside the polish reacts with the UV rays and changes color. When you go inside and away from the sun they come back to the original color. The color change that you see has interesting science behind it. The nail polishes come with Spectrachrome crystals which lay hidden inside the polish. The crystals when exposed to the sunlight pass through a phase of molecular excitation that leads to color change. The energy shift in the crystals make the polish change color.

Author: pbblog

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