Pierced Dragon Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel

If you take the trouble to get your ears pierced, it would be unwise to not reveal them to the world. You cannot do that by wearing minuscule ear studs surely? Enter the flesh tunnels that are used to stretch the ear piercings quite a bit so that you can sport larger than normal ear lobes, used to hold all sorts of jewelry and adornments including tribal ones.

Remember that the fear of infection and allergies increase along with the size of your piercing too and choosing a metal or wood, horn and other offbeat materials to be inserted through a new stretched ear may only result in pain and yet more pain. The best option you have here is to go for 316L stainless steel, an alloy that fails to react at all. It not only keeps your pierced skin free from infections and irritations but can also be cleaned easily. No fancy cleansers or expensive methods for your flesh tunnels are required either. All you have to do is give a good rubbing with a soft cloth that has been moistened slightly and hey presto! The beautiful figures made painstakingly on top of your flesh tunnel gleams beautifully making you stand out amongst a crowd.

It is time to turn your attention to the gorgeous pierced dragon atop your steel ear jewelry. You know that it is a mythical creature but just imagine the majestic bearing it has and you are bound to be hooked well and proper. Do take a look at the flesh tunnel with a pierced dragon on its surface, priced modestly at $2.89 at piercebody.com and you will be stunned. The flesh tunnel in question can serve as a great totem though and is full of significance. Believed to be a sign of supremacy in the Far East especially China, the lovely dragon you are going to wear in your ears will help you to battle against all evils and come out as the winner.

The dragon is also believed to be the master of all five elements and wearing it on your body will help you to get rid of unpleasant vibes and powers of the evil. The pierced dragon in your ears can also help you to advance in your chosen career and you stand to gain in reputation widely. Forget the mumbo-jumbo, if you happen to be a cynic and revel in the beauty of the simple jewelry that can delight you in many ways.

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