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Carrying the perfect ear-stretched without any painful stretching is not a distant dream anymore! With the swell of interest in looking for fake body piercings gauge, people are now relying upon these pain-free ear stretchers for a spot-on look in the most effortless manner. This has encouraged a lot of jewelry designers to trace for the popularity in the past and come up with the most exclusive designs in this regard.

Types of Earplugs

  • A flesh tunnel is a hollow, tube-like earring that can be easily worn in your earlobes. Usually made in smaller gauges, these flesh tunnels are perfect for stretched or scalpelled piercings. Since they weigh lesser than flesh plugs, these flesh tunnels are an instant hit among both sexes. These ear tunnels can be worn in combination with captive bead rings too.
  • Ear stretchers/ tapers are in vogue too! They are slightly tapered from downwards and generally made up of either steel or acrylic. These taper plugs are widely recommended for their ease of wearing. They are also known by names like spools and ear lets. Tapers make a great option to begin your ear-stretching journey ahead.

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Author: Anuradha

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