Personalized belly button ring

Personalized items are one of the most beautiful items one can own. The whole idea of personalizing an item is to make it unique and special. It bears a stamp of the identity of the wearer making it extraordinary.


Jeweled Crown Non-Moving Belly Ring       Single Stone Silver Belly Ring

Personalized services can add a new and special touch to an ordinary belly button ring making it a cherished piece of fashion items.  Belly button rings are personalized in various ways by embossing a photograph or a cartoon, or writing a message, or mentioning the name of the wearer on it!
What can be more special than having a message especially for you, flaunted on your belly button ring! It adds a new dimension to your personality and attitude! It gives a special touch to your look and is the best way to stand out in a crowd!


Lizard Belly Banana Dangling Navel Ring            Dangling Belly Ring

Almost all types of belly button rings, gold, silver or pearl, can be personalized! So every wearer can personalize her jewelry irrespective of its design, cut, material! Even the reverse belly button ring can also be personalized since it is larger in size than the average belly button ring and bar!

Duel Heart Shaped Jeweled 14K Gold Curved Bar Belly Ring

So add a personal touch to your fashion statement to make it your own, truly! It also makes for an excellent gift item, so surprise your loved ones by gifting them personalized belly button rings!

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