Peridot Gem Surgical Steel Nipple Rounder

If you want to stand head and shoulders above the crowd by virtue of a body piercing, it will be great to go for the one that is most popular. So a nipple piercing it is for both men and women. It is not only considered to be sexy but it can also help to keep your nipple properly shaped while increasing the sensitivity in the area.

Many consider doing it at home though but that is not going to be safe. You may accidentally harm the delicate tissue and then will have to wait awhile until it heals completely before trying again. A professional piercer is therefore the best option available for you, so go ahead and make an appointment at once. There is nothing to be embarrassed as the piercer will only be doing his job. Remember that it’s all a part of the day’s work for him.

Do wait for a period of 9 months to a year after your nipple or nipples are pierced though for a jewelry will only look pretty once the area is dry and able to hold the piece of adornment in place. It is best to ask the piercer about the type of wholesale body jewelry that you can safely wear through your nipple at first. Stick to the advice and go for something that is easy to insert in and out of the piercing. The complex forms of nipple piercing jewelry can be introduced presently.

Buying a nipple rounder is always good though. The rounded part encircles your pierced nipple completely, highlighting it in the process while the bar and ball combo that passes through your piercing is ideal for securing it to your body. There can be no danger of the jewelry falling out accidentally when you adorn your nipple with a rounder.

A plain rounder looks quite conventional though and you can certainly enliven it by going for a piece of rounder that comes studded with gems. Look at the piece of peridot gem surgical steel nipple rounder that looks pretty on your nipple as it reflects the intense olive green color all round. The gem stone is connected to happiness and prosperity and is thought to enhance confidence and clarity of thought big time. Be sure to ask the makers at about it and insist on only peridot jewelry, if you happen to be an August born person.

Grab the $3.44 jewelry as soon as you can as it is sure to be sold out soon.

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