Pearl stud earring with ferido ball- an irresistible deal

If you are a regular working woman then you need a comfortable pair of earrings, which will make you look elegant and be eye catching at the same time. Well, at Piercebodycom we have a huge collection of earrings ranging from dangling, hoops to beautiful and dainty ear studs which can complement your formal and casual look effortlessly.
You can opt for studs when you want a look that is compact and not overdone. Our pearl ball stud earring with muti jeweled ferido ball top is best suited for occasions which call for a minimalist but sophisticated appearance. Pearl is a timeless jewelry. Fashion trends change from season to season but pearls have never gone out of style. The best thing about pearls is it can be worn by the young and the old. Even though pearls have always been associated with elderly women, the fashionistas will know multiple strands of pearl necklace teamed with stylish pearl earrings can beat any street smart style any day.
The stem of this pearl stud earring is made of 925 Sterling silver, the best alloy of silver. The top quality silver eliminates any scope of having skin infection on your tender lobes. There is a ferido ball attached at the top with the hook. The size of this ball is 8mm. The larger pearl ball attached to this is 16mm in size. The earring is available in different shades of colors. There is of course the classic white color pearl. This is best suited for the working woman in suit.
A white dress and a white pearl earring is a combination which can kill. The pearl stud available in the gold color can be a perfect match with a classy gown. When doubled up with matching bracelet and necklace, the golden pearl ear stud will attract all the attention. There are also the studs in rose gold and grey color. They are extremely rare color in pearls and hence will make others wonder about the accessory that adorns our ear so beautifully. The ferido jewel only adds to the existing charm of this pearl ear stud.
Pearls are perhaps the most sought after jewelry after gold and diamond. Hence, needless to say they are priced at a higher level than other metals. However the prices of pearl ear studs in our store will astonish and delight you. You can get a piece of this ear stud at a price of only $3.49!
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