Passionate Purple UV Acrylic With Steel Double Flared Flesh Tunnel

It is time to introduce a brand new style of jewelry while you go in for a complete overhaul of your wardrobe in the New Year. Sure, your earrings look pretty but just being pretty is not going to be enough anymore. You have to stand out in the crowd and grab the attention of everyone that matters. The best way to about it is to flesh tunnel that with a double flair. It is a simple piercing jewelry shaped like a tube that is hollow. You are welcome to insert it within the piercing made on your ear lobe without any difficulty. It is definitely going to be apt for your sculpted or stretched piercing though and you have to make sure that it is visible through the plug. It makes sense to select an ear tunnel with the proper gauge, therefore.

The double flare at the end of this particular flesh tunnel stops your jewelry from falling out. You thus get an opportunity to keep your favorite jewelry without losing it. While the flesh tunnels can be designed out of every kind of material conceivable, you would do well to stick with a sturdy metal that is 100% safe and keeps your delicate ear protected from skin irritations and allergies. Surgical steel is certainly going to give you everything you covet. So go for it instead of trying out the in-style lighter materials that may not be able to keep your skin healthy for the time being. The shine of steel is simply unparalleled as is its anti corrosion property.

You do not actually have to remain content with the dull shine of steel in your ear lobes though. Feel free to choose from the funky, cool colors in UV acrylic that helps you to show off your style statement in an attractive way. Acrylic is possibly the most cost effective plastic that you can find, appropriate for your jewelry. It is both versatile and lightweight thus allowing you to wear your flesh tunnel for hours at a stretch without having to take it off. Be careful not to bite your ear tunnel when you are not flaunting them in your ears though as they tend to get discolored and can break under pressure. Keep your jewelry stored carefully and wear it with care. The UV coating on your acrylic flesh tunnel will glow in the dark making it absolutely right for late night parties dancing in the discotheque.

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