Painted Nose Studs in Mini Box

Now there is something where you don’t need to ponder whether you can go for body piercing or not. Here are some highly stylish and pretty painted nose studs in mini boxes which you can adorn without apprehensions of being able to carry it in proper way. Nose pins and nose studs are popular among all age groups, no matter you are into body piercing or not. Painted nose studs are custom jewelries that you can wear matching with your dresses.nose 20 box

Nose studs and pins are one of those accessories that can be worn with all kind of dresses ear studs, ethnic or modern, casual or formal. And when variety like painted ones is added to them, they are taken to another level. Patterns like flames, fish, zigzag, star, flower and cross are painted on these tiny studs and are available in mini boxes so that you can store them properly and are not misplaced. These studs and pins are made of sterling silver. Tiny balls are fixed at the end of these pins so as to secure them well in the cushioned boxes.

Sterling silver is highly popular jewelry metal and 100% safe to use as well. It goes well with all colors and events. It does not accentuate your look while beautifying you subtly. This is why you can wear painted nose studs made of sterling silver with any kind of apparel, muted or gorgeous. Each of these studs are of approximately 20 grams and 6 mm. When you buy a mini box, you will get about 20 pieces of these studs giving you ample opportunity to mix and match them with your dresses.

Though you will get nose studs in all fashion jewelry stores but when you want to look distinct sporting something different from others, look for these painted nose studs in good quality websites. You will not only get variety but also get exclusive items at discounted price. Usually a box with 20 pieces of pins and studs will cost you around $7.60 but when you purchase them in bulk you can get them at as low as $5.69. Now that is an astonishingly lower price. If you are not sure about the quality of these products, you can read online factory direct jewelry reviews and customer feedback. To be at safe side you can start with buying one box initially, and when you are satisfied you can buy them in bulk. It is an excellent gift idea as well.

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