Owl Carved Horn Ear Plug

Owl Carved Horn Ear PlugIt is time to let your imagination soar. Forget the mundane, earrings in the form of studs and danglers when it is your exquisite piercing that you want to flaunt.  Go for the uncommon ear plugs instead. While these may look great as a showpiece, its usefulness is much more varied. You do get to leave the tender most part of your stretched ear piercing free while your ear plug gets to surround the area. It makes a pretty picture and saves your already stretched piercing from additional pain and tearing.

Of course the choice of material is of utmost importance here. It is best to use an organic material instead of heavy metals, however, precious they might be. It certainly has an earthy, natural feel and you will not be aware of the material clinging to your ear although it may look considerably chunky. Wearing it in vibrant colors may help you to grab attention but it is always better to go for the subtle touch hence choose black or white, the two perfect colors that can set your style statement quietly.

Think of horn, a unique material that is not too common while being perfect in every other way. Simply log in to piercebody.com for ear plug design ideas and you will be rewarded with hordes of them. The staid owl carved horn ear plug is sure to captivate you at once though, making you oblivious to anything else. Why wait, then? Grab the ear plug with both hands and then choose the size that you feel is best suited for you. Do not worry, the online store has them in several sizes starting from a tiny 6mm to a chunky one measuring 16 mm. The carved owl may be in black but it is not going to give you a feeling of doom. You get to receive many admiring glances on the contrary thereby proving that the owl is indeed wise.

There are a number of benefits that come with horn jewelry too apart from its unique design and natural finish. You are not going to hurt your ear even accidentally when wearing horn carved plugs, nor will you be plagued with irritations and allergies for horn is 100% natural and will not feel foreign against your skin.

What about the price then? Fret not, you can surely afford $4.99 for a pair of these gorgeous owls that can sit patiently on your ear as the world looks on in admiration.

Author: pbblog

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