Organic tunnels

Organic body jewelry is becoming a rage worldwide, to flaunt this kind of body jewelry created from natural materials like, wood spiral wooden, bamboo, horn, amber, and stone adds a dash of tribal touch.  One can choose from a wide variety of natural organic jewelry wholesale like ivory plugs, fake wooden plugs, amber plugs, stone plugs, wood spirals, etc. Organic tunnels are hot favorite among body jewelry collection made from fossilized materials. This kind of ethnic jewelry is found in online stores, assorted from all over the world and sold at our online store 24/7.

Organic tunnels are in huge demand because they are exquisite and hand crafted and made from natural extracts like wooden ones which are very popular.

They are found in different gauge sizes. Organic gauged earrings beautifully crafted and found in different shapes and designs, say for example golden triangle earrings, Berber earrings, Tuareg earrings, worn by tribes in different countries.

This Eco-friendly organic gauges plug is so beautifully crafted from wood of different varieties, they are self designed with fine grains and random shades.

Horn Fake Ear Plug with Peace Inlay

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