Organic Stripe Brown Wood Fake Ear Plug

Organic Stripe Brown Wood Fake Ear PlugSure, you admire the stretched ear. Unfortunately you cannot tolerate pain in the least. There is an easy way out though. You can actually hope to mimic the look while avoiding the suffering completely. Pray, how to do it? Well, by buying yourself a pair of good quality fake ear organic plugs, of course. No, you do not have to have a gauge in before you wear them either. Just screw in the fake ear plugs into your normal ear piercing and invoke admiration all around.

Maybe you will not be able to find them in an ordinary jewelry shop. You do need to zero in on the exact location that hoards dozens and dozens of fake ear plugs made out of every conceivable material. Yes, it is, the one stop online shop for all your body piercing jewelry. You are certain to find the ear plugs you covet, that too, without looking too hard for it.

It will be an extremely wise move to settle for a few pairs of organic stripe brown wood fake ear plug decidedly. Where else can you find such elegance in wood? Go ahead and adorn your ears with it, the earthy brown is sure to look fetching against your skin tone, no matter whether it is pale or dark for wood is one of the most natural materials available and your skin will not suffer from having it inserted within your ear piercings.

Another advantage you stand to gain by opting for this particular ear plug albeit fake is its flat end at the back. This will not only give you a stretched ear look but you can also wear it comfortably as a normal ear stud. Now, isn’t that a double bonanza in the waiting?

Well, you can keep them on for days without any sign of discomfort. The ear plugs happen to be extremely light weight and will not bog your ears down so that you have to rush home and take them off at the slightest pretext.

It pays to be cool particularly when you belong to the hop and happening crowd. Do look your best with the fake ear plugs on that will make your ears appear stretched by 6mm, 8mm, and 10 mm depending on the size you select for yourself.

Wait! Why should you reconcile yourself to just one pair though? Get ready to buy at least 2 in order to avail of the whole sale rate of $1.49 per pair.


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