Organic Ear Plugs In 6 Fabulous Designs- Give A Try And Look Trendy

Ear plugs are the special type of jewelries manufactured exclusively for stretched piercings. They are mostly worn for stretched earlobes and so, they are manufactured in large gauges. One of the interesting features of these ear plugs is that they keep the holes opened while covering them. They are manufactured in a wide range of materials which are used for making other body jewelry. You could find ear plugs made of surgical steel, 14K gold and titanium but the most popular ones are ear plugs made of organic materials. These Organic Ear Plugs give them the earthy style and make you look extremely effective.3 A wide range of organic materials in different colors and textures are available which can add special touch to your stretched piercing.


Different organic materials for ear plugs:


For making this kind of ear plugs, several types of glasses are used by the manufacturers. In most cases, the glass used will be of smooth and sturdy to ensure that the ear plug rests comfortable in the stretched ear piercing. Many people prefer Glass ear plugs as it is non allergic and non toxic.

  • Features:

It is eco- friendly and bio compatible and so, you are sure to enjoy the advantages of this kind of jewelry. But, the most important thing that you must keep in your mind that is that glass plus should not be used during initial piercing or during stretching process. These Organic Ear Plugs are very heavy and may cause some strain on the piercing.



Ear plugs made of wood give you an earthy and natural appearance and are perfect to be worn during different situations. The natural wood is known to give beautiful patterns and so, every piece of jewelry will be unique and innovative.

  • Features:

You should always choose the ear plugs made of good and safe woods as some kinds of wood are very toxic in nature. However, the great benefit about these Wood ear plugs is that they are light weight than other organic materials. You will not experience any strain and discomfort on wearing them.


Horn and Bone:

This is another organic material which is widely used for making ear plugs, tusks and flesh tunnels. Most of the manufacturers make use of horn of water buffalo to produce these ear plugs. As a matter of the fact, no animals are subjected to pain to obtain these organic materials.

  • Features:

As the organic bone or horn has unique patterns, these ear plug jewelries made out of these materials are highly unique. However, the concern with wearing these jewelries is that they are ethnical as they are made with materials taken from animals



Stone are extremely beautiful and are appropriate for making ear plugs in a wide range of colors and patterns. The only drawback of these jewelries is that they are very heavy and so, they can be worn only for a short span of time.

  • Features:

Amber is more popular and is used extensively for making these Organic Ear Plugs. Though a wide range of amber materials are used for making these ear plugs, the most popular ones could be green and honey amber. Stone jewelries are extremely popular for fashion conscious women.


Here are some of the popular designs of organic ear plugs:

  1. Mixed Stone Ear Plugs Tunnels Saddle Expander Body Piercing Set:

These ear plugs look really amazing with any casual outfit. They are made with authentic organic stone. You will get them in six different colors and materials such as green turquoise, blue sandstone, Opalite stone, snow flake obsidian, white turquoise and tiger’s eye natural stone.

You will also find these ear plugs in gauges of different sizes to choose from. These Organic Ear Plugs are available at reasonable prices and provide good value for your money. You can get them in great quality and at affordable rate.

  • Look smooth and appealing
  • Available in different colors
  • Quality product at reasonable price
  • Authentic natural stone


  1. Pair Of Double Flare Organic Natural Amethyst Stone Ear Plug Piercings

This is one of the most popular amethyst stone ear plugs available in the market. They are of prime eligible and are appropriate for any outfit. They are entirely smooth and are comfortable to wear.

You can get them in a wide range of sizes and anyone who wants to look subtle and elegant can opt for these ear plugs. The product is not only beautiful but also affordable and so, you can get two or more sets. On wearing these Organic Ear Plugs in stunning colors, you will definitely look gorgeous.

  • Come in fine finish
  • Hand polished and look smooth and shiny
  • Exotic colors
  • Double flared
  • No need of O-Rings
  • Organic stone in natural color


  1. Organic Wood Ear Plugs With Pink/White Rose Flower For Stretcher Piercing:

This is an organic ear stretching jewelry in vintage style. Made with safe wood, these ear plugs are available in a wide range of sizes to choose from. So, you have to choose the one based on the size of your ear stretching. You can either opt for a single pair or as a package with 4 pairs of plugs for your ear lobes.

Make sure that you have chosen them in different color tones so that you can pair up with outfits of four different colors. As they are made with natural materials, you will not undergo any side effects like infection in the stretched area. These Organic Ear Plugs come with rose attached to the front part of the plug to give an elegant look to the wearer.

  • Handmade wood plugs
  • Organic plugs in vintage style
  • Available in different sizes
  • Made with natural materials
  • No probability of infection
  • Affordability priced
  • Made with safe, non toxic wood


  1. Organic Shattered Quartz Stone Sparkling Glitter Ear Plugs:

This is one of the most popular options available for those individuals who want ear plugs with sparkling glitter. You will get these ear plugs made with quartz stone that gives a unique look to your overall experience. As they are available in different styles, you need to choose these quartz stone ear plugs in the suitable size for your piercing.

You can get them in different color tones so that you can team it up with outfits of different colors. Made from natural materials, these Organic Ear Plugs are available in nine different colors such as light blue, red, black, white, orange, red, green, dark blue and purple to choose from.

  • Made with organic shattered quartz stone
  • Raw, natural materials
  • Available in pairs of nine different colors
  • Goes well with any casual and formal outfit


  1. Organic wood Concave Blue Purple Lava Resin Ear Plugs:

If you are serious about wearing something innovative and unique, then you will definitely find these wood lava resin ear plugs as an optimal choice to meet your needs. They are made with saba wood of light brown color and are slightly concave filled with blue lava resin and dark sono with purple color lava resin.


You will definitely love the highlights of these Organic Ear Plugs which usually come in two pairs of different gauge. They are handmade and come with smooth finish. This is one of the must have ear plugs for fashion conscious women.

  • Innovative and unique design
  • Organic wood
  • Filled with blue and purple lava resin
  • Smooth finish and polished
  • Handmade from saba wood
  • Plugs in light brown color


  1. Pyrex Glass Plugs Maroon/Clear Double Flared Gauges:

This is made from the stunning piece of top quality glass. These Organic Ear Plugs provide an amazing look to the wearers and make them feel confident about their appearance. Though these plugs are made of glass, they are durable, light weight and inexpensive. As they weigh less, you will not feel any sort of stress when worn for a longer time.


They are unique handmade pieces and look optimal when worn along with any outfit regardless of its style. The color of these handmade glass ear plugs add unique to it. Even if you wear them for everyday use, it never loses its look and appearance. So, you will get good value for you money by purchasing these ear plugs.

  • Material: Pyrex glass
  • Handmade with perfect finish
  • Double flare
  • Affordable and High quality
  • Light weight and no stress on the stretched area
  • Durable


Take time to explore organic ear plugs and pick up the one that suits your preferences in terms of look and budget.

How to choose organic ear plugs?

While choosing organic plugs for your stretched ear piercing, then you should only choose the jewelries made of high quality and safe materials. You must remember that the ear plus made with heavy organic materials can be worn for short time. But, you can wear the lighter ones for prolonged time. You always purchase these Organic Ear Plugs only from leading manufacturers with good recognition in the industry.



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