Orchid Flower Silicone Earring

Orchid Flower Silicone EarringThis funky, trendy, cool orchid flower silicone earring on display can be yours at an extremely low price from piercebody. They have an awesome collection of such trendy and lovely earrings for youngsters and also for adults. This silicone crafted orchid flower is a versatile earring which people from any age group can wear. You can pair it up with jeans and T-shirt or skirt or even with fusion dresses. Smart, colorful and casual this is great for parties and events equally. This particular orchid has a brilliant combination of black, orange and green to make it look more stunning.

The post and the butterfly are made of sterling silver and are durable. The best part of wearing this orchid is that it will glow under UV light. So whenever you are partying with your friends under UV light you can see it glowing radiating bright warm hues. The USP of this orchid is its eccentric and unique shape which catches the eye quickly. So, become the fashion queen of your college by sporting this lovely silicone orchid earring. If you are an experienced person, then you probably know about the aftercare of ear piercing. However, if you are not experienced and have pierced your ears for the first time, then you should know about the aftercare routine.

After routine for earlobe piercing and for any other area of ear piercing like a cartilage piercing is basically the same. There are some basic things that you must keep in mind during the healing process. Clean your ear 3-6 times a day with sea salt solution such as Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray or H2Ocean. It is important to avoid hairsprays and other such products during the healing process or your piercing may be infected. Always remember that piercing heals faster when you generally have a good healthy body. So, eat well and stay hydrated. Use a sea salt solution soaked cotton ball to remove crusts which are dried fluids from the skin.

Always remember to wash your hands with an antibacterial soap before you touch the area. Never twist, turn or even remotely try to pull out the crusts by force and also do not try to loosen the jewelry. Body needs some time to heal itself after a puncture; you have to give it that time and hence never try to change your piercing prematurely. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol during these days to promote healing.

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