Novel 9k Solid Yellow Gold CZ Ear Stud

9K Solid Yellow Gold CZ Ear StudBowing down to tradition and letting the world sit up and take notice is pleasurable indeed! You can certainly do it in style once you go for 9K yellow gold jewelry, the kind that is both beautiful and gleams in a satisfying way. The beautiful yellow metal is as precious as they come, at least, that is what it seems to the untrained eye. The gold used in this particular item of piercing jewelry is high on durability as opposed to the 24K product also known as pure gold. You can certainly hope to turn heads when you go out with the pretty bauble inserted firmly into your petite ears though. So what if it not going to be characterized as gold in USA? Britain will say that it is and you are right to feel sentimental for this exquisite ear studs that appear to be fashioned out of gold. Remember that contains solid gold and is not merely gold plated. This makes it resistant to environmental factors and you can safely keep wearing it for several days without having to see the color fading to reveal another metal underneath.

Cleaning your 9k Solid Yellow Gold CZ Ear Stud is going to be a breeze too. All you have to do is use warm water and a soft brush along with a detergent free soap. Use the ends of your brush to remove every bit of dirt and grime from your studs and polish it with a clean, soft cloth that is completely dry. Keep up the maintenance and store it in the box it originally came in and you are going to be able to wear the ear studs for many years in a row.

You are welcome to take a look at the adorable 9k Solid Yellow Gold CZ Ear Stud collection available at in order to select the one that catches your fancy. The sturdy, durable gold is certainly not soft enough to break nor is it too hard to set gems and stones. Just look at the wonderful cubic zirconia studded ear stud and get ready to lose your heart to it. The 3 mm CZ stone happens to be of the highest quality while the lovely butterfly shape in gold creates a pretty picture. Grab it as it is there for your taking in exchange of $6.50 only. You can also choose to get a 4mm or a 5 mm CZ by paying just $1 and $2 extra.

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