Nose Stud Jewelry Collection that Suits Your Personality

Nose stud jewelry has always been stylish. You can find a huge collection of these nose studs in the market today. You can find these nose studs in different colors, designs, and styles. They are also available in gold, silver, surgical steel and much more ear stud. In addition, one can even find nose stud jewelry embed with colorful stones. This nose piercing stud is made up of high-quality materials, therefore there are no chances of catching rust. There are also no chances of getting infected. You can wear it for a long period of time and continual look bold and stylish.


Popular Types and Designs for Nose Stud Jewelry

Silver Nose Studs

silver nose studs

Get bowled over by nose piercing jewelry from 925 sparkling sterling silver. From a common place stud to unique shapes in the form of moon, stars, or leaves, the range of nose studs is too good to be true. Yet, you have to believe in it. It’s especially when you glance down the entire array of unique nose rings and in plain silver. Even if without any kind of adornment. You simply cannot walk away from it without purchasing more than one at a time. Piercebody ensures you of a grand time by offering you a box of 40 nose studs aesthetically arrange.  Our 925 sterling silver quality but the stone attached is mainly rhinestone. Rhinestone may be a little in the budget but this is the only outstanding quality because it gives us an opportunity to buy more nose jewelry.

L-Shaped Nose Studs

l shaped nose studs

Nose piercings are popular with this L-shaped nose studs with triple stones. They are visibly beautiful and have a long life with constant use. They are in the form of the straight barbell with one end bent to make an L-shaped magnetic nose stud with the other end embedded with three precious rhinestones. These stones are of pure cut and quality and they have a lasting shine. They are suitable even for the elite crowd and are worn with formal and casual wear with ease. They are economical and are measured as 20 gauges and have a grand visual appeal when worn for any occasion

Gold Nose Stud Jewelry

gold nose studs

This set of nose stud is crafted for today’s independent woman who loves to keep her body jewelry stylish without going overboard. This is made from 9K solid yellow gold and has a thickness of 22G. It is studded with a genuine diamond in a perfectly round shape. The color of the diamond is G and its clarity is ‘SI1’.

This I shaped nose stud is just the right design if you want to keep your look simple yet beautiful. This is available in two varieties of sizes- 1.5mm or 2mm. You can choose the one that suits you best. This also comes at an affordable price.


History of Using Nose Studs

nose stud jewelry

While the Eastern culture has celebrated this style from the wake of civilization, the Western world could not remain immune to its charm either. So go ahead, and make your own style statement by wearing enchanting nose pins or nose rings hoops in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Quirky animal printed ones and nose studs with sparkling gems are extremely popular too. You can even order a box of multiple nose studs in a box to gift your near and dear ones.

gold nose stud Jewelry

The unique nose rings carve intricately into many unique designs that are sure to bring out your style statement to the forefront. You may opt for a bejeweled one or simply get a plain one in the color of your choice. The best bargain that you can hope for comes in the form of a beautiful box holding 40 different nose pins in all the colors that you can think of.

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